May 2013 Visa Bulletin Rocks (for Some)

The May 2013 Visa Bulletin contains great news for a select group of persons who have been waiting in line for years to obtain green cards through their jobs. The worldwide EB-3 category jumps forward 5 months to December 1, 2007. What’s more is that EB-3 workers born in the PRC are no longer hampered by the 7% per-country quota. Unfortunately, EB-3 workers born in India are not so fortunate. Their category advances only 2 weeks. And the EB-3 category for Filipinos moves ahead only 1 week.

The worldwide EB-2 category remains current (no backlog), but while EB-2 PRC advances 6 weeks, EB-2 India moves not at all.

Congress - Immigration LawHopefully, Congress will eliminate all per-country quotas for EB workers this year. After all, talent is talent!

The worldwide family-based preference categories move forward between 2 and 10 weeks except for the F4 sibling category which remains stuck in time at May 1, 2001. Family categories for the Philippines advance from 3 to 14 weeks while those for Mexico move ahead between 1 and 9 weeks.

The charts below tell the story in more detail.


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Categories Worldwide China (PRC) Mexico Philippines
1st 4-1-06 4-1-06 8-8-93 6-1-99
2A 3-1-11 3-1-11 2-1-11 3-1-11
2B 5-15-05 5-15-05 5-1-93 9-8-02
3rd 8-8-02 8-8-02 4-1-93 10-22-92
4th 5-1-01 5-1-01 9-8-96 10-1-89





Categories Worldwide China (PRC) India Mexico Philippines
1st Current Current Current Current Current
2nd Current 5-15-08 9-1-04 Current Current
3rd 12-1-07 12-1-07 12-22-02 12-1-07 9-15-06
Unskilled 12-1-07 9-1-03 12-22-02 12-1-07 9-15-06
4th Current Current Current Current Current
Religious Current Current Current Current Current
5th Current Current Current Current Current


See the entire visa bulletin including information about the movement of the green card lottery numbers.