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US-India relations

The immigration issues facing India nationals are unique.

During the past 20 years, the majority of highly-skilled workers using H-1B visas to work in the U.S. have been from India. U.S. employers, not wanting to lose the services of these employees have applied for hundreds of thousands of green cards for them and their family members.

The problem is that while there are no country-specific limits to the number of persons who can qualify for H-1B visas, only 7% of the employment-based and family-based green cards can be granted to persons born in a particular country. Therefore, India, a country with a population over one billion, is subject to the same numerical immigration limitations as Monaco or Sri Lanka, countries with low populations. The result is that India IT workers, physicians, engineers and other workers most wait for years and years for their green card applications to the processed, a very unfair situation.


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