shortage of registered nurses On May 22, 2001, Carl Shusterman testified before the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration concerning “Rural and Urban Health Care Needs”. A copy of his testimony is available online.

Mr. Shusterman testified that despite a nationwide shortage of registered nurses, there is no program under which U.S. health care providers can obtain temporary visas for nurses. Under the H-1B program for which the minimum entry requirement for employment is a Bachelor’s degree, most nurses are excluded. The H-1C law, enacted in November 1999, had not allowed a single nurse to enter the U.S.

Mr. Shusterman recommended that Congress pass a new temporary visa program for registered nurses, similar to the one that existed between 1952 and 1995.

Further, Mr. Shusterman testified that the United States suffers from a maldistribution of physicians, and a shortage of primary care physicians. He recommended expanding the Conrad State 20 program. (Congress later expanded this program by 50%.) He also recommended easing regulatory restrictions placed on physicians seeking National Interest Waivers. (Our law firm won a landmark ruling in 2006 before the U.S. Court of Appeals which accomplished this objective.)


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