April 2012 Visa Bulletin

family based immigrationOn March 9, the State Department released the April 2012 Visa Bulletin.

The worldwide family-based categories advanced between 4 and 10 weeks, while the employment-based (EB) categories barely budged.

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For the worldwide family-based categories, the 1st preference category (unmarried adult sons and daughters of US citizens) advanced 8 weeks, the 2A preference (spouses and children of lawful permanent residents)  moved forward 10 weeks, the 2B category (unmarried adult sons and daughters of lawful permanent residents) advanced 8 weeks, the 3rd preference category (married sons and daughters of US citizens) moved ahead 6 weeks, and those in the 4th preference category (brothers and sisters of US citizens) saw a 4-week advance.

However, for persons born in Mexico and the Philippines, many categories failed to advance at all, and none moved forward more than 2 weeks.




Categories Worldwide China (PRC) Mexico Philippines
1st 4-01-05 4-01-05 5-08-93 6-22-97
2A 10-08-09 10-08-09 9-01-09 10-08-09
2B 1-15-04 1-15-04 12-01-92 12-08-01
3rd 2-15-02 2-15-02 1-15-93 7-22-92
4th 11-08-00 11-08-00 6-01-96 1-08-89


The April 2012 Visa Bulletin was downright depressing for those in the employment-based categories.  EB-2 China and India remain frozen in time, and are likely to regress in coming months. In the worldwide EB-3 category for professionals, skilled, and unskilled workers, the numbers moved forward only 3 weeks, and only 1 week for persons born in India. The sole significant advance occurred in the EB-3 category for professionals and skilled workers born in mainland China, where the numbers moved forward 8 weeks.




Categories Worldwide China (PRC) India Mexico Philippines
1st Current Current Current Current Current
2nd Current 5-01-10 5-01-10 Current Current
3rd 4-08-06 3-01-05 9-01-02 4-08-06 4-08-06
Unskilled 4-08-06 4-22-03 9-01-02 4-08-06 4-08-06
4th Current Current Current Current Current
Religious Current Current Current Current Current
5th Current Current Current Current Current

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