Illegal Marine Gains Green Card

Green Card for Marine

Sgt. Lightfoot and His Attorney Carl Shusterman

Marine Sergeant Danny Lightfoot and his attorney Carl Shusterman address a press conference immediately after an Immigration Judge granted lawful permanent residence to Sgt. Lightfoot.

Sgt. Lightfoot joined the U.S. Marine Corps as a teenager. Although Lightfoot was attending school in Miami, his place of birth was in the Bahamas. A recruiter persuaded him to list his country of birth as the U.S. in order to join the Marines. His story began to unravel eleven years later when Lightfoot, stationed in Okinawa, was ordered to return to the U.S. with his wife and three sons. Unable to secure U.S. Passports for himself and his family, Lightfoot made a full confession to his superiors.

The Marine Corps contacted Congressman Jerry Lewis (R-CA) who sent Lightfoot to Attorney Carl Shusterman, a former INS Trial Attorney, for legal advice. Shusterman obtained the permission of his client and the Marine Corps to turn Lightfoot over to the United States Immigration Service.

Both INS and an Immigration Judge agreed to allow Lightfoot to remain in the U.S. because of a military record that included a Navy achievement medal, three good conduct medals, two certificates of commendation, seven letters of appreciation and a meritorious unit commendation.

A few months later, the INS expedited Sergeant Lightfoot’s application for U.S. citizenship.


“Very professional law firm. We had a difficult issue and Mr. Shusterman’s office got right onto the case and resolved the issue with USCIS. Because of their efforts, me and my family were able to get our Legal Permanent Residency card. My suggestion to those trying to obtain employment based card. Don’t look for money saving attorney. They will cost you lot more in long run. Go to a law firm which is professional and knowledgeable. It pays in the long term.” (More client reviews…)

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