Affidavits of Support

The petitioners of family-sponsored immigrants must sign affidavits of support (I-864). This requirement also applies to the petitioner of an employment-based petition if the petition is submitted by a relative or by a company in which a relative holds a significant ownership interest.

An affidavit of support permits government agencies to request reimbursement from the petitioner if the beneficiary receives means-test public benefits.

The petitioner’s income must be no less than 125% of the current Federal Poverty Guidelines based on household size. If not, he may include the income and assets of a qualifying household member who has signed form I-864A. The value of any asset is counted as 20% of income. If the petitioner is unable to meet the income requirements, a co-sponsor is required.

Supporting documents for the affidavit of support should include certified income tax returns and W-2s and 1099s.

The petitioner’s obligation to support the beneficiary terminates any of the following events occurs regarding the beneficiary: (1) He naturalizes; (2) He dies; (3) He leaves the U.S. permanently; or (4) He is credited with 40 quarters of work in the U.S. A divorce does not terminate the petitioner’s obligations under the affidavit of support.


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